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Get Out of the Box


Getting Out Of The Box

I use to live in a box.
I felt safe in that box.
When I would step out, I would wonder; “what the hell next?”
Fear sneaking through the cracks.
Not wanting to go through all of life’s scenes.
I wasn’t sure where I fit in.
I felt comfortable living in what I was (un)familiar with.
Then one day, I stepped out of that box; with God’s help.
I opened my heart to ALL of the many possibilities.
I felt amazed.
I finally found a place where I belonged.
I longed.
I wanted to know more about His unconditional love.
I wanted to know more about His Kingdom.
Before, I knew it.
God had molded me a new way of thinking!
Taking His mold, I had new features and a new walk.
I had finally escaped that box.
Imprisoned by my own thoughts of my past,
I found my way out of the BOX at last.

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Ms. Tammy
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Pretty Hat Tea – August 22nd

This is going to be quick….

I had an event to attend on Saturday at my church, Greater New Bethel of Liberty City in Miami, FL.

Well, I thought it was going to be quick and easy for me today. Makeup and dress, that’s all I had to do. I begin to apply my makeup and I did it in record timing (30 minutes).

Once I was done with makeup, I took my dress off the hanger that I was prepared to wear… and it was so cute. I put it on and all of my UNDERGARMENT STRAPS are exposed and there’s no way to fix this situation at this point.

Remember, I had this planned out in advance because it was for the Pretty Hat Tea event at my church. And, with a tea party… you need hats! Well, my hat went with original dress.

Final pick for the Pretty Hat Tea event
Final pick for the Pretty Hat Tea event

Fast forward to me having to make a quick decision! Being plus size, it’s NOT always easy to make last minute wardrobe changes– especially if you purchase something specific for the event. Although, you may have a closet full of clothes – it doesn’t mean it will be an easy fix.And, after THREE CHANGES… this had to be my FINAL SELECTION. Still cute and that’s all that mattered.

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Ms. Tammy