As the youngest child of her siblings, Tamilla came from a middle-class family, where both of her parent’s migrated from the Caribbean Islands (Bahamas & Jamaica). She enjoys event planning, helping motivate others, and Tamilla has always been a hard worker, with every task or assignment she sets her mind to.

She has never liked to be the center of attention and would just rather observe from the background.

Growing up, Tamilla was very close to her parents, but in November 2007 her world changed when her father lost his fight to stage four colon cancer. Since she was a Daddy’s girl, this was very hard for her but, with the support of her Mother and supportive friends and prayer she made it through the grieving process.

At the age of 32, she was planning events for a local municipality with a population of 103k+ residents. In late September 2014, she was given the news that her time with her former employer would come to an end, effective October 1, 2014. God allowed that door to close, in order for her to move on to something BIGGER & BETTER and fulfill her dreams. The opportunity presented itself, and after much prayer Tamilla decided to become her own BOSS and also empower women in and around her community. She began Beyond the Curves to empower women and encourage them that no matter their size, they should embrace their curves because we are ALL more than our curves.

Passionate about family, community, helping and empowering others, many would describe her as “Giving you her last or giving you the shirt off her back.”

Available for talks or questions and always happy to meet bright people with great ideas and big ideas. She can be reached at info@beyondthecurves.com and on Social Media.

I’m More Than My Curves

Ms. Tammy

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