Get Out of the Box


Getting Out Of The Box

I use to live in a box.
I felt safe in that box.
When I would step out, I would wonder; “what the hell next?”
Fear sneaking through the cracks.
Not wanting to go through all of life’s scenes.
I wasn’t sure where I fit in.
I felt comfortable living in what I was (un)familiar with.
Then one day, I stepped out of that box; with God’s help.
I opened my heart to ALL of the many possibilities.
I felt amazed.
I finally found a place where I belonged.
I longed.
I wanted to know more about His unconditional love.
I wanted to know more about His Kingdom.
Before, I knew it.
God had molded me a new way of thinking!
Taking His mold, I had new features and a new walk.
I had finally escaped that box.
Imprisoned by my own thoughts of my past,
I found my way out of the BOX at last.

Thanks for Reading!

Ms. Tammy
💋 💪 👣 💖

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