New Season, New Changes, New Opportunities!


Autumn is upon us and for most of the world you will notice small changes happening around us.
Well, being from South Florida you won’t really see those changes. But, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a newness upon us.

I say that to say… when you are on your life journey or you are working towards a goal; DON’T GIVE UP because you don’t see any changes. You just have to stay the course.
During my #GetFit Life Journey, I have encountered many road blocks and temptations along the way. But, this is something that I have to and want to do and I refuse to LOSE!

So what are you going to do in your HARVEST TIME?



Thank you for reaching!
Ms. Tammy 💋 💪 👣 💖

Twitter: mssassydiva7
Periscope: mssassydiva
IG: beyondthecurves
Facebook: beyondthecurves


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