My Weight Loss Journey

I’m on a quest to lose weight, in order to be a healthier and a better ME! I often refer to it as “GetFit” and I’m having a blast.

It all started at the beginning of this year, my best friend and I decided to make a life change and sign up for the gym. So, decided on Planet Fitness and we started. We were on a roll, the pounds were coming off and my menu included meat (chicken and turkey and fish) and veggies ONLY! Sundays would be my “cheat day” and I would have a spoon full of rice.

NO, RICE, BREADS OR PASTA! Drank only water and green tea.

Now, fast forward to June-July… where schedules begin to get crazy and I celebrate the entire month of July for my birthday (went to Las Vegas this year with my bestie, who’s birthday is the day after mine).

My bestie & I headed to dinner on my birthday
My bestie & I headed to dinner on my birthday

So, I decided that I have to get back on track and started with my food. Because at this point I was eating bread, pasta and rice; which is not something I had done in months. But, I’m back on track and doing better!

So, I’ve decided that it was time to get back on track and that’s what I did. I’ve done some form of active exercise everyday this week.

After my walk #GetFit
After my walk #GetFit

So this is ME, thanks for reading! Please stay tuned and come back for more.

Ms. Tammy 💋💪👣


4 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey

  1. Keep at the good job Honey. I am inspired. I am motivated.
    I also want to loose weight just chosen to take a different approach and start with the inside out. Slowly, i will get the energy and motivation to work out.
    Keep us posted with your progress :-* :-*

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