Girl’s Night Out l August 15th, 2015

On Saturday, August 15th…

…. at 6pm in the evening we gathered about 10 young ladies and they were in for a treat. We started out with a quick icebreaker (2 Truths and a Lie) and oh my was it comical to me. One was afraid of water, someone had 13 siblings and someone was 26 years of age… ALL good lies and the ladies couldn’t figure them out to save their lives.

(I got a call the night before, that could have ruined the event… but with the help of my Mommy and Aunt, we pulled it off.)

Back to Girl’s Night Out – I email Coach Cass a few months ago to come and do “Girl Chat” with the participants and the ladies were a little quiet, but the information that was given to us by Coach Cass was amazing! I myself plan on implementing some of it in my own life.

Coach Cass, talking with the ladies...
Coach Cass, talking with the ladies…

You can find Cach Cass on AskCoachCass or Instagram: @inspiremany

Then, we had the lovely Ms. Gabs to come out and give us the knowledge of your simple foundation and eye makeup skills. Ms. Gabs’ model for the evening was her Mom and she was great. Being the silly person I am myself, she was cracking up the entire time. You can find her on Facebook Vanity Chic Miami as well as Instagram and Snapchat.

Ms. Gabs, doing Q&A before starting her makeup tutorial.
Ms. Gabs, doing Q&A before starting her makeup tutorial.

And, during the evening the wine was poured and the food came out and everyone enjoyed the bites that were prepared for them on Saturday. The ladies also enjoyed some Cucumber and Ginger Juice, prepared by my Aunt as well as some Refresh Water (Mint; Rosemary and Lemon) prepared by myself.

And, then for the delectable sweets prepared by Fritz’s Favorite Sweets & Treats and they too can be found on Facebook as well.

Fritz's Favorite Sweets & Treats
Fritz’s Favorite Sweets & Treats

The ladies were given massages and they were delightful!!! I know because I enjoyed one myself. I am so HAPPY that all of the ladies enjoyed themselves during the event. I’m evening considering closing the year out with another Girl’s Night Out, since is was well received by all the ladies.

So, if I decide to plan another Girl’s Night Out… we will host it in December and thinking of some other ideas. I really appreciate everyone that assisted me with the event; from the beginning to the end. I am also, very grateful for ALL of our vendors that thought it not robbery and take the time out of their very busy schedules to come and Bless us with their gifts and talents.

I’m More Than My CURVES, thank you for reading!

Ms. Tammy

Coach Cass & Tammy
Coach Cass & Tammy

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